REquest Manual Updates

CISPRI request users of this manual notify us of any errors or suggested revisions to be included in future updates. If you have any comments, requests, or suggested revisions please fill and submit the information below. Comments and/or requests via RFAIs will no longer be accepted. All requests are to be submitted through the form below.
Contact Information
Tactics Information
Please provide the necessary information to fulfill the request. Commenting on information without providing the updated information is not sufficient and the request will not be accepted.
Ex. “LP-4-3,” LP is the section, 4 is the tactic, 3 is the page. If you are commenting on a cover or intro page, use zero (0) in the third box.
Examples of comments that need more information:

“Weather is out-of-date” - Not sufficient unless current data and source is provided.

“Link is broken” - Not sufficient unless the new link is provided.

“See _____ document for updated info” - Not sufficient unless page numbers are provided.
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