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Cook Inlet Spill Prevention & Response, Inc. (CISPRI) is an oil spill removal organization
(OSRO) formed to provide prevention and response capabilities for its Member Company's within the CISPRI Response Zone.
CISPRI is a USCG - classified OSRO (#68) and is registered with the State of Alaska as a Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC) and as a Nontank Vessel Clean up Contractor.
CISPRI meets National Planning Criteria (NPC) per federal regulation within the CISPRI Response Zone.


Membership is open to companies that are engaged in one or more of the following activities within the CISPRI Response Zone:
  • Crude Oil Production
  • Shipping
  • Drilling
  • Manufacturing
  • Refining
  • Pipeline Operations


CISPRI offers the following Member Classifications
  • Tank Vessel Members
  • Large Tank Facility Members
  • Small Tank Facility Members
  • Non-Tank Vessel Members
Regardless of Member Classification, there are no initial 'sign up' fees!
Download the Membership Information Packet to learn more.
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If you have interest in CISPRI Membership, please email our General Manager at We can give you a quote and review the necessary documents to complete your membership application.